It was a chance discovery. An inconspicous line in an old book filled with childrens tales. The story was the same yarn detailing the heroic feats and solid wisdom of the legendary King Mithradetes that every parent tells by the fireside. Except for one detail; Skyholme. The palace of King Mithradetes was called “Skyholme”.

Captain Ander Dolphus had heard that name before. Years of travelling the length and bredth of Terma with his Exploratory Company had left him with piles of maps. From ancient fragments purported to be of sunken isles to esoteric charts of magical flux, Cpt. Dolphus had a vast collection. And there, on a hand drawn map made twenty years earlier, was a solitary peak along the Treacherous Coast marked Mnt. Skyholme.

Gathering the members of the Exploratory Company, Dolphus booked passage on The Blue Maiden. Leaving Colistona and heading to Port Lune the voyage was uneventful and within a few weeks The Blue Maiden was docked in the bustling harbor town that lay only a few miles South of Mnt. Skyholme.

Staying at The Vinestone Crossing, one member of the Company writes in his journal…

Lady Jocasta smiles upon us! It’s been two days since the Blue Maiden docked at Port Lune and Captain Dolphus’s leads were correct! The local tales coincide with ancient maps purchased from travelled merchants and archaic translations from learned scholars point the way.

To the North lies a singular mountain called Mnt. Skyholme. And underneath it, if Dolphus has truly reasoned correctly, the fabled Dungeon of Mithradetes!
O, what treasures await the Company in the lost home of that storied king? Gold beyond measure and items of wondrous power are said to have graced Mithradetes court. Jewels of every size and color decorate the tales that men have told for generations! Perhaps I can even retire from the Company? Tho leaving the good Captain will pain me, I am not getting any younger.
Sleep calls. The candle burns low now and we depart in the morning. I fear I will not get much sleep, thwarted as I am by excitement and Kimmonens insufferable snoring. My prayers go to Jocasta that my next entry is a ledger of wealth and wonder.

~From the journal of Barthemus, Chronicler, The Exploratory Company

The Five Doors

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