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  • Toran

    Toran (toh-RAHN) is the god of Justice and Law and also a god of Madness. What could drive a deity to insanity is beyond comprehension, but nearly an eon ago something changed drasticly in Toran and his followers. His priests became inquisitors... …

  • Lady Jocasta

    Jocasta (yo-CAHST-AH) is the Goddess of luck. Besides [[Endren]], she is the most widely worshipped deity. Depicted as being plain and pretty, she is none the less fickle and flirtateous. Her symbol is a silver star haloed by two smaller stars.

  • Endren

    The god of smiths and masons, laborers and farmers, Endren (EHN-drehn) precides over honest work and devotion to ones own labors. He is the most widely worshipped god in the pantheon. His symbol is the hammer but a tools of any kind are holy to him.

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