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  • Terma

    Terma is the name of the North Western continent. Once the birthplace of civilization, The Age of Madness broke the land and destroyed the peoples. Now Terma is regarded as a barbaric land seething with danger and hardship. Divided by [[The Great …

  • The Great Waste

    Barren and devoid of all but the hardiest life, The Great Waste is an ocean of blasted and pulverized rock. Craters pock-mark the landscape and in some places the rock must have flowed like water between islands of massive boulders. Deeper towards the …

  • Northern Ice

    The Northern Ice is a fluctuating mile thick sheet of ice that covers the northern pole of the planet. It is rumored to be riddled with caves and the home of a fierce civilization.

  • Terma Bay

    Blasted into Southern Terma like an impossible crater, Terma bay is a bustling waterway littered with archipelagoes, islands, and reefs. Fleets of merchant vessels ply the waves protected by the warships of their homelands while small merchants face the …

  • Treacherous Coast

    The coast that rims the South-East part of [[Terma]] is a near continuous line of jagged cliffs and tumbled rock. Flocks of birds and things far, far worse make their nests on the cliffs and unpredictable shallows make sailing too close very dangerous. …

  • Altar of Penance

    A fortress on guarding the border with [[The Goblin Kingdoms]]. Described as a blood soaked oubliette of grim men, The Altar is a hard place but holy in the eyes of [[Toran]].

  • The Goblin Kingdoms

    North Western area of [[The Great Waste]]. Infested with all manner of Greenskin, the place is a dangerous cancer to the surrounding kingdoms.

  • Castle Margall

    Headquarters for the legendary [[Order of the Rose]]. Lost for centuries in a sorcerous fog that twisted the forest around it into a maze of insanity and despair. The spell was finally broken by the [[Exploratory Company]].

  • Port Lune

    One of only two ports along the [[Treacherous Coast]], Port Lune(LOON)is a hustling city-state ruled over by a council of merchants. It is the first port of call for many ships travelling the [[Elleketh Ocean]] from [[Khamen]] and [[Syraan]]. It sits at …

  • Colistona

    The sprawling Colistona (coh-LIST-oh-NAH), is the biggest port in [[Terma Bay]] and a jewel in the crown of [[Liessa]].

  • The Vinestone Crossing

    A two storie inn located in the North end of [[Port Lune]]. It sits on the corner of two ancient cobblestone roads. Owned by [[Cid Hykar]] it has rooms for fifty guests as well as stables for horses.

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